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A happy and blessed day for the whole Christian community of the world. Today with a special greeting to all the children of Venezuela where their day is celebrated today.

We have been working on the transition of Steemchurch, knowing that all change generates resistance, they are slow, as human beings we have to adapt to the new goals and objectives, in order to enter into that change that we intend to introduce. For my part I have called to work for the church, its projects, I have also felt discouraged, circumstances have had a lot to do, as Steemchurch is endowed with a divine imparting when things stop there is someone who reproves, restores, and He gives the strength to continue his work, and that someone is our beloved Holy Spirit, to whom I give honor, glory and honor today for guiding me to all truth.

When we started Steemchurch I told him @sirknight that he was a rebuilder of fallen walls like Nehemiah, and I was the builder of those walls, when God assigns us a task it will never be easy to carry it out, on the way we will find obstacles, but we are understood that this happens so that the father is glorified, God is the author of the dreams, it is God who gives us the ability to do things that seem impossible, at the moment Sirknight decided to give me the responsibility of carrying Steemchurch I was in the clinic placing myself pain medication, I did not say anything at that moment but I thought this is crazy, I’m not in the best moment for more responsibility, and I thought I could not say, when I was doing it I felt the gentle whisper of the spirit say: to whom I will send, and who will go for you?
It is not your strength that you need is me, I understood that it is the Lord who empowers us to fulfill his purpose, I do not know how, but until now he has been my banner, who rejuvenates my spirit. I have also asked him, the fact that always touches us the difficult things, where there is nothing, build everything, then I understood that this is how God works, with challenges of faith.

God is so good, that he reveals to us the things that are necessary to know to fulfill the vision, a few days ago I made a message of exhortation to the members of Steemchurch, letting him know that this church belongs to everyone, and that we should all be responsible, late making that message, and when I went to sleep the Holy Spirit ministered my dream all that night saying:

Darlenys, do not faint in prayer and do not ignore the machinations of our enemy, Satan, father of lies, who does not rest to stop the purpose I have set for my people, your fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and hosts of evil in the celestial regions, get up to work for my work that I am with you, in the churches always operates the spirit of division and I have given you the weapons to overcome it.

And it ended with this: it acts with the heart of a mother, as the good shepherd has many sheep but when one leaves, he leaves all the others and goes in search of the lost, sometimes the children need you to remember him how much you love them , how important they are to us, it is necessary that you begin to minister that love in the hearts of people of the church, and it was happening a movie of those names and those people, and it is so incredible that I obeyed the voice of the spirit and began to writing to those people and discovering once again the greatness of God, I was right, my children needed me to tell them how much I love them, that I am here for them, that I need them to walk this long road, and that each one of us is a brick in the wall that is STEEMCHURCH.

We must be understood of the times, this is a time of early rain, of sowing and preparing us for the great harvest, my wish is that each of us can discover and realize those dreams that God has sown, a divided house can not prosper , we all have a task, a talent to serve others, we can not lose the identity of children, we are children of this house, and there is room for all, there is a lit torch to pass it from generation to generation, my commitment: with God my first love, and with all of you to raise the kingdom here on earth, men and women willing to do the will of the Father, it is time to place your hands on the plow, time to move forward.

Darlenys, like every mother, will have authority to carry the vision, but she will be full of love to impart it to everyone who needs it, think when you have a complaint and tell her mom with confidence what she thinks, and there I am I to listen to all without exception.ever forget that mothers are also human, we need our children to support us and raise our arms when we are tired.

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As the work without faith is dead we start our marketing direction for the growth and development of our community in Steemit and in our Telos expansion.

It is one of the important directions in our organizational structure, this time we have made some progress and implementation of how it will be managed to obtain the expected results, knowing that the work is beginning with the expansion to Telos, and the permanence here is also land to conquer, we are 144,000, a teamwork plan was designed consisting of parishes, this direction will have representatives in all parishes led by the Mother Church:

  I have invited to join this team to: @fatherfaith, @Adedoyinwealth, and @tomlee for Nigeria.

In Venezuela there will also be several representatives which I will announce in the next message.

The organization and consolidation of all Steemchurch areas is necessary to achieve the objectives.

In the same way, the time has come to form the executive committee of the church, the first name I wish to reveal and which I have personally invited to work in the administration of the church is our beloved sister @ammyluv, who has been working on the church permanently, a determined and courageous woman who will have much to contribute in this new stage, and her heart is aligned with the purpose of building a better world, the other people hope to announce them in the next few days.

God’s time is perfect, just stay connected to him, I will leave you the link of the most relevant activities of the church so that everyone is up to date and do not miss the progress of the most blessed community on the planet Steemchurch International Ministry.














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Remember to follow our accounts and the leaders of the parishes:
@sirknight: Founder of Steemchurch
@darlenys01: Apostle of Steemchurch
@ricci01: leader of @sc-v
@Uyobong: Leader of @sc-n
@biggsam: Leader of @sc-g
@mhm-philippines: Leader of @sc-philippines

We wish that all people who wish to know about our church can enjoy all the valuable content that is daily in the steemchurch or any of its parishes, get updated information and can participate at any time with a broad vision of our objective.


We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow 


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