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I was reading the Bible a few days ago, suddenly I arrived at the chapter of the prophet Habakkuk, he was impatient for all the things that had happened in his life, and did not see the fulfillment of the promise that God had made him one day. At that moment imagine each of us, when we started here, and suddenly circumstances and many things made us think that we would never arrive, however the Lord encourages him and gives him this powerful word:

(Habakkuk 2-2: And Jehovah answered me, and said, Write the vision, and declare it in tables, that he who shall read in it might run. 3Although the vision will tarry even for a season, but haste to the end, and not lie, though I delay, wait for it, for it will surely come, it will not be long. 4 Behold, he whose soul is not upright is proud, but the just shall live by faith.

For us to see the fulfillment of God in our lives, there is a factor that we have to take into account and it is the time factor. If we do not consider it as time goes by, we can despair, be discouraged, give up or stay stuck.

A vision given by God, is not reached overnight, but lasts a while to do it. While the vision passes, there are stages, processes, achievements, certain goals are met and this is developed and this is what matters, that develops. Vision is always something that we can not achieve for ourselves and that is why we understand that it is a «vision of God» and we need God to achieve it.

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How sad it would be that many people with high economic performance come here or any technological platform, spend a life or part of their time and in the end, what they lived was only for their desires. I believe that when we meet with God he will ask us We did all the gifts, talents, money that he gave us, who we blessed, and the most important thing that you left to your generation, to your community or to your country.

Steemchurch is a Christian community with a powerful vision, a vision from on high, and today I am here to help all the people who come here with some reason, with some need that we were called to conquer territories and to leave a legacy, I could not settle for taking everything that God has given me, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and kingdom designs to empower people to mark their destiny and leave a mark on the world.

For its part the blockchain came to revolutionize the digital age, in my natural way I love its characteristics its perfect logic, but I love to use it as a technology with a purpose, in the vision of God is not that his people write a blog, to receive a payment, no, in the divine design of the father is that through what we do his name is glorified, if you are a conqueror then steemit, telos, and any other place that comes should be perfumed with the scent of Christ, the aroma of grace and love.

We have so much to give to our neighbor, to our children, this was the vision that God planted in the heart of @sirknight a person that I love with all my heart, because his heart is aligned with the heart of God. You could not talk about love only because it feels an emotion, love gives everything, endures everything, and I can not leave this place without sowing in each heart that seed that God has left in us.

Every church needs to have a generation prepared to move to the prophetic destiny in God.
The hope of the church is to prepare children in the house to carry a call and a legacy to other generations.

For this we need: VISION.

Vision is simply, the ability to see. In Scripture, it is the ability to see according to God’s choice, what God has done in heaven to be fulfilled on earth.

It is impossible to direct people without a clear vision. What many call today’s Vision is nothing but a marketing plan or specific goals of a locality.

The vision of God is something more than that.

Prov. 29:18

I. We must prepare ourselves to receive the Vision of God. (Not ours).

The Vision of God always surrounds heaven and earth.

God speaks to Moses and says «Moses, Moses.» Using his name in a double statement. That double statement what he was doing was confirming that God himself established his heavenly purpose for the earth through Moses.

In Exodus 3 and 4 God speaks of vision and purpose to Moses. Our understanding of vision and purpose always expands. They do not give us all the bread at the moment, they give us a slice today another then and so on. As we grow in God.

Every move of God has the face of a man.

A true vision is part of another vision. If I do not know my father’s vision, I will hardly fully receive the vision of God for my ministry. If I can not write my father’s vision, how will I pass it on to my children? It can not. Unless the vision grows and progresses through the generations, God’s purpose for our lives will never fully develop. My vision, even if it is not identical, must come and relate to my father’s vision. If that does not happen then there are two visions in a house and that translates as division. In that sense division is having two visions found in a house or the separation of vision.

That is why people who do not understand the vision of a house, do not promote it and do not agree with it and always cause divisions in a house.

b.- Vision of God is based on love; no anointing, doctrine or talent.

c.- The vision of God is wider than ours

Without compromise we can not achieve vision, that is why I have asked our brother @uyobong to officially take over the membership card of our community, and the next blogs we want to read about you is about your calling, ministry, dream, desire , and in what part of this beautiful body of Christ called church he would like to be.

This message is not only dedicated to us as Christians but to all those beautiful human beings who live in this social network called Steemit, if what you do does not bless people then it does not make sense. Look around you, and contemplate the possibility to use a little of their time of resources to help those in need, value their fellow men, practice mercy and love justice, mark their generation with a destiny of blessing because they sowed in someone.

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When the years pass we will remember that we passed through here, but it was not in vain, we sowed in the lives, in the hearts, and we carried smiles where there were tears and sadness, only because we decided to believe God.

In Venezuela and in many parts of the world we have much to do, there is always something we can give, economic, social, educational, just need to have in our hearts, When the word says: Write the vision and declaring it in tables. It means that we must have a vision and when it says written, it is to have it clear, to know what you want, what God has put in your heart, which is what he has spoken to you.

I wrote the vision of Steemchurch and I wrote it on this table so that everyone who read it would run. Why do others have to read it and must run with it? This must be so, because the vision that God gives us can not reach it alone, as congregation we are a team and that is why everyone must know the vision, because if he does not know and does not have things clear in the sense of vision He does not know where he is going. The vision has to be spoken, so that they run in the same direction and to the extent that you speak of it, the vision becomes bigger in me.

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How do we realize that the vision is of God?

It is so great that by yourself, you can not reach it, and that is why I need Him. And this is the moment when we see that it is a «vision of faith». Because faith is moving in the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary.

It does not go away from the heart, it remains in the heart, you received it, you had it, and it is still burning there.

So if it remains despite the time, the time must be taken into account, so that it is not an element against. That is why we must put the time to work.

… Although the vision will take even a while (the vision itself is in motion) more hurries towards the end, and not lie, it means that it is something real, genuine.

… Even if I delay, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not be long. 4 Behold, he whose soul is not upright is proud; but the just shall live by faith.


Throughout this time I have grown and I have found very important people here, people with powerful ministries and with a love and passion for the work of Christ, he has prayed for my life, he has raised me up, he is a brave and courageous man, Today, I have the opportunity to plant something in that mission and in those lives, it is very satisfying for me and I know that for @sirknight also, we can create our first missionary parish, and it will be in the Philippines, Daddy William (@mhm- philippines) we have created this for you, to bless the work of your hands and for a drop of love to reach there…


«It’s not like you start but how you finish»

@sirknight thank you for trusting us for this task, that we will place our hearts to make it a reality, we love you and now more than ever the winds of change are here, God is in control of our boat.

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We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow @pennsif, @luppers, @redes, @hanshotfirst, @theycallmedan, @redpalestino, @wilx.

Now Steemchurch is on the sea altar in search of his prophetic destiny, as the mother church will turn in order to create the strategies and tools necessary to prepare a people to be a multiplier of the blessings of God.

Feel free, feel, blessed as city of kingdom and impact the world.

With love,

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