This is the scoop of the new stage of @Steemchurch as International Ministry, thanking God, @sirknight, my family, all the people who have been gathered here and who from their spirits have given me the strength and courage to accept this call, that more than an earthly call, it is a mission that comes from heaven and its design has been given to me in a powerful way.

He was a torch that burned and shone; and you wanted to rejoice for a time in its light. (John 5:35)

The torch symbolizes the rectitude of the character (Jn 5.35), the light that springs from the Sacred Scriptures (2 P 1.19) and hope (Is 62.1). Today I have in my hand a torch with a burning fire for Jesus and to reach crowds and I have the task of passing it on to everyone who reads this message, God desires that each one of us be the light that illuminates a community, a city, a country and even the last of the earth.


«To heaven and earth I have as witness that my lord has put before me: life and death, blessing and curse, I choose today life to live it in blessing with mine, because my mouth will be full of word of God and she is full of blessings, today I accept with humility and commitment to give the best I have to fulfill the divine purpose, and leave the world in a better place, be the mother of the generations that conquered the most extensive territories, and to be that guide that will lead a people to multiplication, to fight for their dreams, and to be men and women with firm feet, under the direction of the precious Holy Spirit.»



Change management consists of «successfully managing the transition between a present situation and a future situation in which there is a promise to improve».

«A change will be achieved only when it adds value and when people perceive that value.»

We will develop the process through different phases:

Initial contact: Identifying what is to be achieved requires an initial contact aimed at sufficiently disclosing the objectives, means and possible results, in a way that compensates for the lack of knowledge and keeps them informed.

Understanding: We know that most of the time we resist change, but we are not a company, we are a community full of love that can understand at all times what each one feels.

Installation: it is time to design the pillars on which the change will be constructed, allowing us to see in a more practical and real way how evolution will materialize.

Acceptance: Start the pure technical work, with plans to develop the new processes.

Internalization: It consists of leaving a period of time for the community to become accustomed to the changes implemented and to be convinced of its positive effects at the individual and group level.

Commitment: Finally, the changes introduced and contrasted must count on the commitment of the church that it will provide the means and resources so that they can be properly developed.


Today we reveal The Organizational Structure of Steemchurch, to manage our activities, operation and resources. We are presenting it in a global way, then it will be broken down and assigning the tasks according to the function that we will have to reach the objectives.

Under these parameters the church will be established at the organizational level.

Official Announcements

A work plan has been established in a progressive manner to implement the changes in this new stage, in this sense the main managers and / or leaders of the parishes are announced.

The Steemchurch account will be managed in its entirety by @darlenys01, the mother church has been established as an altar where the strategic blogs of the leaders, the parishes, statistical management report and all that information that benefits our community will be exposed. Similarly, the fund collection will be used to manage and promote projects and tasks of the subcommunities.

The parishes of @sc-v, @sc-n will enter a process of expansion through the creation of sub-parishes, due to the territorial extension that covers them and the people who work from different cities.

@sc-v will be in charge of our sister @ricci01, who has been working with a lot of responsibility during all this time.
 @sc-v (Sucre) will be in charge of our brother @emiliocabrera who has done a job in his native land of importance.

@sc-n will be directed by @uyobong a young entrepreneur, teacher of the word and who has contributed much to the church.
A sub parish will be created in @sc-n which will be led by the current leaders @fatherfaith and @adedoyinwealth.

@sc-g will continue under the guidance of our brother @bigssam.

Our first missionary parish will also be created.

The general secretary of @steemchurch will be in charge of @mariela.

It is important to note that we will have an executive committee which will be chosen during the progress of the transition. The brothers @uyobong and @emiliocabrera will also have some important activities in Steemchurch that will be notified as soon as possible.


As I have notified in other opportunities each one of us has a function in the body of Christ, we will be receiving proposals in which area you would like to incorporate into the organizational structure, in the next messages will be explained in detail in what each of the positions of work.
While we are in our transition process, keep active by creating special contents for the church, do not forget the task we have for the Steemchurch Telos registry.

We are walking towards the same vision, the same project of life, @edxserverus will be preparing the new designs for all the parishes, feel free to use the new logos of our international ministry.

Our work will be as a team and led by the mother church, the new strategies and the following decisions will be announced in the next message, we will address issues of social projects and @farms.

Feel free to ask about any doubt or suggestion that is available through the telegram channel: @darlenysugas or you can communicate through the email: darlenys@steemchurch.org.

Finally, I make a special call to all the members of the church to actively interact in this process of change.

To register at Steemchurch telos, fill out the following form:


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With love,

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