The first blockchain church created in December 2018 by the legendary Sirknight, now led by Darlenys who is responsible for building the dream of God on earth, and together with the knight, and the brothers of the world carry the torch of the crusade freedom.

General Vision: To promote the spiritual, intellectual, economic and social progress of evangelical Christian Ministers and their families, to be a Christian community that lives in conformity with the character, teaching and model of life of Jesus Christ and whose actions produce an integral transformation in all person, group, community and sphere of society at a local, national and global level, using all the tools in favor of humanity, whether technological, such as blockchain, social networks, and everything that could impact the world, making the light of Jesus shines in every people, race and nation, carrying the banner of freedom and love »

Now their territories are extended to other platforms like Telos, their token is the «beatitude» or Heart and a heart spring is running free to bless the Christians of the world and their families.
He has founded parishes and social projects such as «Bread From Heaven» in Venezuela are popular soup kitchens for children at social risk, has cared for children with cancer, and older adults.

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